Taylor Initiatives is based in Warners Bay, Newcastle NSW Australia and specialise in ecommerce shopping cart systems, affordable web hosting, web design, system integration and website optimisation for search engines
Lake Macquarie, Warners Bay, Newcastle NSW Australia
Lake Macquarie, Warners Bay, Newcastle NSW Australia
Lake Macquarie, Warners Bay, Newcastle NSW Australia

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About Taylor Initiatives

You domain name is the basis of your website and email address. Researching new domain names for their availability is a risky process. Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous people playing in the arena of domain registrations.

Did you know that some online domain research tools are covertly hijacking your inquiries? You may invest days finding that perfect, unregistered domain name only to discover it is quickly snapped-up by some obscure holding company before you can complete your order.

These people are sometimes referred to as "Domain Squatters" and engage in "Domain Tasting". You might think that they are just shady individuals working out of a garage in some obscure backstreet, but in fact they are some the largest domain registration firms in the world. Just because they're offering free domain research tools and rock-bottom registration prices doesn't mean their business ethics are sound.

Taylor Initiatives can help you avoid the hassle of registering domain names. We only use reputable inquiry channels and registrars. While best efforts will be made to secure your desired domain name, it should be noted that domain name availability is beyond our control.

Tips for Domain Registration

1. Use a Reputable Registrar

Be wary of registrars offering bargain basement domain registrations and "free lookup" tools. Chances are your searches are being monitored to be snapped up by automatic registration systems. Taylor Initiatives uses TPP Internet who provide quality domain registration services.

2. Keep It Simple

Make it simple, domain names should be easy to remember, say, and spell.

3. Protect Your Name

Register your business name with a few different extensions to protect your name and branding in as many popular name spaces as you can. Taylor Initiatives recommends registration of at least the .com and .com.au suffixes of your domain name with consideration given to .net and .net.au suffixes too.
If your business name can be easily misspelled, it is advisable to deliberately register domain names of those alternatives too.

4. Trading Overseas?

If you trade in overseas countries, you can also take advantage of country code extensions. We can help you register over 40 different country code domains.


For more information about registering your own unique domain name, contact Taylor Initiatives.

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